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The Art
of the Smile

“Dr. Obeid and his staff were the best thing
that ever happened to my teeth”

Joan E.

“Dr. Obeid is a perfectionist when it comes to
dental care. I have sent my entire family to him
and am thankful to know I have found the best
for myself and family”

Amber F.

“If you want it done right by a champion of oral health utilizing the latest technology, make an appointment with Dr. Obeid. You will be glad
you did”


The Art of the Smile

Our Services

  1. Dental Implants

  2. Digital Dentistry

  3. Cosmetic Dentistry

  4. Dental Crowns

  5. Dentures

Implant placement is the treatment of choice when someone is missing or  about to lose a tooth. A dental implant is essentially tooth replacement therapy: the implant body, which is inserted into the jaw functions like your tooth roots and helps maintain bone structure. The implant crown- which is placed on top of the implant body- is crafted of esthetic and durable material to look and function as your own natural tooth.

Dentistry is experiencing a technological revolution and the field of implants and prosthodontics is at the forefront.

Today, we are able to take digital impressions for crowns, bridges, and implants, rather than using older, thick, and smelly impression materials. We use sophisticated software to design any restoration, then use a dental-specific 3D printer or computer-guided milling machine to custom print the final restoration.

At any point during the fabrication, our trained master dental technician can oversee and hand-apply artistic touches. These ever-so-subtle nuances of color and gradations of opacity, which flawlessly match natural teeth, are the hallmark of Obeid Dental restorations.

A tooth veneer is one of the most beautiful procedures in dentistry. Dental veneers can greatly improve the aesthetics of a person’s smile with a minimum of tooth preparation. With the expert technique, these corrections can last for a long time. A tooth veneer is a thin layer of porcelain bonded to the tooth after minor preparation. They provide a harmonized aesthetic look, and the results will last for a long time.

In general, the term ‘crown’ means a full coverage restoration. The roots of your tooth remain intact as well as some tooth structure above the gumline. The finished restoration is cemented to this remaining tooth structure, encircling the tooth a full 360 degrees. At Obeid Dental, we offer all ceramic crowns and conventional crowns made of porcelain fused to noble metal. Your restoration will be hand-crafted by our master technician in our in-house dental lab.

When you lose your teeth and you wear a removable denture the remaining bone will start to deteriorate, thus reducing the amount of stability, support and retention. At Obeid Dental, we recommend placing a few implants to help restore the loss of function. Adding dental implants will help in preserving bone height. Dental implants will also improve your diet, by having a stable denture, your ability to chew will open your world to foods you would otherwise be avoided, thus eliminating the number one complaint of conventional denture wearers. Your dentures will be hand crafted by our master technician in our in-house dental lab.

Dentistry The Way It Should Be
Dentistry the way it should be
  1. Providing the best and most advanced procedures in the field of dental implants and cosmetic dentistry
  2. Providing quality not quantity
  3. Focusing on one patient at a time
  4. Valuing the patient experience
  5. Providing quality not quantity
  6. Establishing long term relationships
We go out of our way to ensure your procedures align with your travel.
Our flexible scheduling includes Saturday hours for established patients.

Dr. Youssef Obeid is a Board-Certified Prosthodontist who possesses both the knowledge and exclusive training to perform a wide range of simple and complex dental procedures.

A son of a jeweler, Dr. Obeid learned to make beautiful pieces of jewelry at an early age, before deciding to take those acquired skills and apply them to dentistry. After graduating from dental school in 1993, Dr. Obeid spent the next seven years in advanced residency training to refine his skills and perfect his craft, ultimately leading to the establishment of Obeid Dental. Obeid Dental is a private practice where patients receive world-class dentistry — whether it is implants, crowns, veneers, surgical procedures or fillings — all under one roof. Through his vast network of associates and colleagues worldwide, Dr. Youssef Obeid has a unique outreach to knowledge and understands the newest and latest techniques in the fields of implants and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Obeid believes that the best way to learn is through teaching.  As a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland and an international lecturer, Dr. Obeid is able to provide his patients with the latest and most advanced treatment options.

The Obeid Advantage
  1. Board Certified Prosthodontist
  2. Over two decades of experience
  3. 20 years as Clinical Associate Professor in Prosthodontics at University of Maryland School of Dentistry
  4. In house lab with master dental technician, for your unique and customized smile
  5. Surgery and implant restoration done with one doctor, in one office
  6. Most advanced technology and diagnostics including 3D milling machine, CBCT, 3D printer and intraoral scanner
  7. 'One Patient at A Time' care philosophy for personalized, focused care
Some examples of procedures
  1. Dental implants in a Day including Immediate Implants and Implants and Teeth in the Same Day
  2. Zirconia Implants
  3. Digital Dentures
  4. Porcelain Veneers
  5. Dental Crowns and Bridges (including All Ceramic Crowns)